An Open Letter (English Version)

2020 turned out to be a year of changes and challenges. So many of you out in the world has felt it – and so have I. It was a year where I had to find my way through the aftermath of Covid-19 and a heartbreaking separation – one that eventually forced me to move and close down my business within the tourism field. It was a year of too early farewells, bottomless grief and open wounds in need of deep healing. Of countless emergency visits to the veterinary during holidays and late nights, due to deeply loved family members and colleagues that fell ill or got injured, one after another. It was a year full of doubts, crisis and extreme anxiety over how to make this life work. I probably wasn’t the only one incredibly happy to leave 2020 in the past, as the new year came upon us. 

As a result of everything that happened during last year, life changed in many ways for me and my dogs. I found myself standing in front of many crossroads along the way, where I’ve finally needed to revalue what’s important in life. Revalue what makes me feel good, what I want out of life and how to do things in a more sustainable way. Not only for the sake of myself, but also for my highly loved dogs. Privately and professionally. And all of this eventually led to me realising it it time to try something new. A new way and formula of living and creating.

This is why I’m now writing this open letter to You.

But let’s take it from the top; many people have found their way to my social channels during this past year and many of you might not even really know who I am.
So, who am I?

My name is Nicole. I am the person behind the Siberian Husky kennel, the digital channels and the sleddog tourism business that used to be located in Glöte/Lofsdalen. We call ourselves Raxeira Huskies. I suppose you could also describe me as a creative entrepreneur, a strong-sensitive soul, a passionate, curious and driven visionary with lots of curiosity about life. A person who often chooses the path less traveled and doing things in her own ways.

In 2018 I finally decided to take the big leap of faith that my heart had yearned for. I resigned from my ”normal” employment and decided to leave the life in Stockholm behind me. A safe life that had been built up with my former partner, but a life that chafed big holes within me. I yearned for a life closer to nature again, closer to my core values and a life lived in a slower pace. I wanted to feel like what I did was meaningful and more sustainable. Not only physically, but also mentally and sustainable for my soul. And eventually, I could no longer sit and wait. I knew that waiting wouldn’t take me anywhere – that the ”perfect moment” would never come; and so I decided to listen to the murmurs of my heart.

That is how I came to move to a remote little village in the northern parts of Sweden, to pursue my dreams and live according to my passion for the polar dog breeds.

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Ever since childhood I’ve been passionate about storytelling. To create and share my life experiences as well as the knowledge I’ve come to gather on my way through life. 

To inspire others through sharing my stories – so that they find the courage to follow their hearts, even when it’s tough and hard for others to understand. This desire to create and share has taken many different shapes during the years. It has been done via blogging, social media – or even during long, deep conversations with strangers under a starry sky on a Spanish island. No matter the shape of it, my desire has always been the same; to experience a true meeting betweens souls, to share knowledge and life experiences that makes you feel a little richer as a human being. To learn new things – or perhaps just feel a little less broken. To feel true connection between likeminded souls, or sometimes just feel a little less lonely.

This deep desire to create, tell stories and sharing still burns within me. Yes, I’m sure there are many of you out there who knows this, who have been there with me along the way. I am deeply grateful for those of you who have shared this, sometimes difficult, path with me. For those of you who have shared your own stories, experiences and thoughts. You have always been a fuel source for my driving force.

But – yes, there is a but – it takes time and energy to create. To plan, shoot photos and film and find the right words. To sharpen, polish and develop a craftmanship. To stay inspired and motivated (because, YES, this is a huge task in itself!). As the years have gone by, I’ve come to realise that I need a more sustainable way to do these things – a way that, simply put, allows for the possibility to keep creating and sharing on a high level, which ultimately requires your work-and-life-balance to function. This is why I decided to try yet another new path – it is called Patreon.

I must admit I feel both excited and scared to try this new format; it is way out of my comfort zone. I feel nervous because I don’t know how the news will be received, which I suppose is only normal. But I enter this opportunity with a curiousity of where it might lead. Because, after all, the only reasonable thing to do when scared is to take a big leap of faith. That is the only thing one should do when you don’t really have anything to loose but everything to gain, right?

So, let’s talk about Patreon! What is it even?

You could say that Patreon is a membership platform that makes it possible for creators, like myself, to get support from their followers – in exchange for benefits. As for myself, it allows my members to follow behind-the-scenes, both on the Raxeira sleddog kennel, in our everyday life in the north of Sweden that I am fortunate enough to share with amazing canine personalities – and in my work as a creative entrepreneur. This is a possibility for me to be able to gain more time and freedom to keep creating qualitative and valuable content in a more sustainable way. Content I then get to share with You. But Patreon is also a platform where I can share the knowledge and experience I’ve gathered through the years regarding the (sled)dog world, personal developement, entrepreneurship and well, life itself. It is a way for me to share and translate these experiences into tools, inspiration and guides for other people who long for change or who have a big idea or secret dream they would like to explore.

Joining our community on Patreon is also a great way for You to support the Raxeira dogs.
You can even decide to sponsor the pack or a certain dog if you want. For those of you who are extra interested and curious about the personalities in the Raxeira pack, their life and development – this is a way to really get closer to them. It is a chance for you to get monthly updates, to learn more, ask questions during livestreams and even get a chance to come visit the kennel.

For the price of a Starbucks coffee per month you get exclusive access to content in the form of video, photos and blog posts to serve as inspiration, lifehacks, tools and education. You also get access to Q&A’s, livestreams, knowledge, discounts, giftcards, mentorship and a sounding board in me. And you have the chance of getting early access to my courses, merchandise and e-books. Most of all, you’ll be the first one to get a good glimpse of my/our newest creative projects, to what’s happening on the sleddog kennel, in our lives and our business. AND – for those of you who would actually like to meet us, you get the chance to experience it on site.

It would mean the world to us if You’d take the time and effort to help us spread the word about our Patreon. And who knows, perhaps we’ll even see you there? That would be fantastic!

How can YOU make a change – for us?

Are you thinking of ways to help out and make a change for us, as a business and kennel? Well, here’s a few simple ideas of how you can do it:
  • Become a member and join our community on Patreon – click HERE to do so
  • Help us spread the word, for example by sharing this post, amongst your family and friends 
  • If you have been a guest at the kennel and/or booked a tour with us – write a recommendation or positive review on our Facebook page
  • Follow, share and engage with us on social media – you’ll find our channels by clicking HERE
  • And, of course – you are more than welcome to book tours or buy gift cards in advance – ready to use once the tourism business opens up again in 2021. The easiest way of doing this until the new website is up, is to simply email me at

A big and heartfelt THANK YOU for taking the time to read this post!



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